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Our luxurious, age-defying skin care, hair care and home cleaning formulations are 100% nature-derived, effective, therapeutic, beautifying, aromatic and earth-friendly—the perfect choice for your natural and sustainable lifestyle.

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AGEND ORGANICS | Natural, Organic and Divinely Aromatic

Exquisite Organic Skin Care, Hair Care and Home Care Products for the Conscious Consumer.

Natural Face Products

A collection of age-defying, antioxidant facial products and some earth-friendly face-care essentials.

Natural Body Care Products

A range of natural and organic, anti-aging body care products and some earth-friendly body care essentials.

Natural Hair Care Products

A collection of natural and organic hair care treatments and some earth-friendly hair care essentials.

Natural Oral Health Products

A collection of 100% nature-derived oral health products and some earth-friendly oral care essentials.

Natural Remedial Products

A collection of nature-derived remedial skin care products—natural solutions to problematic skin, hair and oral health conditions.

Natural Mens Range

A range of natural and organic body care products specially formulated for men, including a selection of earth-friendly body care essentials.

Natural Baby Products

A collection of gentle, nature-derived baby care products, including a selection of earth-friendly baby care essentials.

Natural Pet Products

A selection of natural and organic pet care products, including some earth-friendly pet care essentials.

Natural Cleaning Products

A range of 100% nature-derived laundry and cleaning products to complement your natural and sustainable lifestyle.

Earth-Friendly Home & Living Essentials

A selection of earth-friendly, reusable home living essentials to complement your natural, sustainable and waste-free lifestyle.


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Ready-Made Gift Boxes and Gift Soaps

Buying gifts is never easy, especially if you have no idea of what to buy for friends, family and co-workers. We've put together some beautiful gift boxes and gift soap sets to make it easier for you. * Alternatively, if you prefer to choose the products yourself—no problem—just select the products you want and choose the $6.90 gift box option (listed separately) and we'll put it together for you.

Mix & Match Gift Box Options

Let us gift-wrap or gift box your selected products for you. It's just $3.90 for gift-wrapping and $6.90 per Gift Box.

Gift Wrapping

Let us wrap your carefully chosen products using our beautiful gold wrapping paper. If you wish, we can even send the gift to the recipient for you. Simple! * Please see our other listing for our $6.90 gift box option.

Agend Organics Gift Voucher

NZD $50 Gift Voucher. An Agend Organics Gift Voucher makes a great gift for friends, family or co-workers—especially when you have no idea of what to buy for them. * The Gift Voucher is valid for one year from the date of purchase, and must be redeemed (in full) on one occasion. No credit will be given.

REFILL Options

We offer larger refill sizes for several of our organic and botanical skin care and home care products. * The REFILL option prices are stated in each product listing. In most cases, you'll need to order these via our contact form on the Contact Us page and pay for them through internet banking.


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Agend Organics | Or Natural Home and Body Products are Naturally-Derived, Organic, Botanical, Vegan, Earth-Friendly and Chemical-Free. We NEVER Test our Products on Animals.