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Natural & Organic Skin Care Made in NZ

 Agend Organics | 100% Natural, Organic & Botanical

Connecting People to the Extraordinary Power of Nature

Our luxurious, nature-derived formulations are an exquisite fusion of nature, science and ancient wisdom. They're naturally therapeutic, beautifying and divinely aromatic—an aromatherapy experience every time you use them.

 Our Nature-Derived Formulations Are:

100% Natural, Organic and Botanical

Bioactive, Therapeutic and Beautifying

Ethically Handcrafted

Safe and Gentle on Skin

*Chemical Free & GMO Free

Earth-Friendly, Biodegradable and Sustainable

We DO NOT use toxic chemicals, mineral oil, sulfates, synthetics, parabens, silicones and formaldehydes in our product formulations. Please read our Product Info page for more information about the ingredients we use and DON'T use.

Why Choose ORGANIC Skin Care?

Why use organic skin care products over non-organic? Simply put; organic skin care products work better and are much better for you. When you choose organic skin care, you are choosing products with naturally-derived ingredients that work with the complex, natural systems of your skin. Other than their positive health effects, well-made organic skin care products are capable of improving your skin's tone, elasticity, texture, structural barrier, and the ability to repair itself. Organic skin care can also help to prevent the development of skin breakouts and blemishes by fighting off bacteria, balancing moisture levels and minimising irritation.

It is medically understood that what goes on our skin absorbs into our bloodstream and is carried through our body. This is why it's so important that we care equally about what we put on our skin—not just in our mouth. Given the right nutrients, your skin has the ability to care for, and repair, itself.

While small, natural skin care companies don’t have the advertising dollars needed to gain household recognition; the quality and performance of their natural and organic products makes them worth searching out. So, if you're in pursuit of a natural, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, choosing organic skin care is a priority.  Your body will thank you for it!

Paul Buttimore Photgraphy, Taranaki, New Zealand