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Connecting People to the Extraordinary Power of Nature

We're a small team of like-minded, Holistic Health Practitioners and organic Cosmeticians who share a passion for nature derived body care, holistic health and sustainability. We believe in the therapeutic power of nature for healing and sustenance, and understand how organic botanical oils and plant extracts can make a profound difference to human health and well-being. Hence our reason for creating a collection of luxurious, nature-derived home and body products that are effective, therapeutic and beautifying—a collection of natural and organic formulations that deliver real results—and care for our planet.

Inspired by real life, and driven by our love of nature and everything it provides, we thrive on creating luxurious, nature-derived formulas that foster a culture of care and are a real joy to use. What's more, our natural and organic formulations are infused with our love, passion and dedication—the 'unseen' qualities that make our home and body care products extra-special.

Our mission is to design and create luxurious, nature-derived home and body care products for people who, like us, care about themselves, others and their environment. Our goal is to connect people to the healing and beautifying power of nature. Agend Organics is not a mass-market brand. Our aim is to serve less people by spending more time handcrafting exquisite, natural and organic home and body products—we do not aim to be everywhere for everybody.

We have an ongoing commitment to research and development in order to provide a broad range of natural and organic home and body products for health and beauty practitioners, health stores and consumers throughout New Zealand and internationally.

Our own health and well-being matter, but what we choose to put on our skin and use in our homes has consequences that go beyond ourselves, our families and our homes. So, when you choose to use nature derived home and body products, you are doing your part to care for the well-being of others and our planet.

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Agend Organics | Or Natural Home and Body Products are Naturally-Derived, Organic, Botanical, Vegan, Earth-Friendly and Chemical-Free. We NEVER Test our Products on Animals.