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Our natural and organic skin and hair care formulations, and organic home care products are naturally aromatic and earth-friendly—the perfect, healthy choice for a natural and sustainable lifestyle..


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AGEND ORGANICS | Natural Home & Body Store

Natural and Organic Skin Care, Hair Care and Earth-Friendly Home Living Essentials.

NZD34.50Holistic Hair Wash | 500 ml
A Nourishing Botanical Hair Shampoo with Bergamot, Chamomile and Cedarwood.
NZD34.50Holistic Hair Conditioner | 500 ml
A Fortifying Botanical Hair Conditioner with Bergamot, Chamomile and Cedarwood.
NZD32.50Clarifying Hair Rinse 300 ml
A Nutritive Leave-In Herbal Hair Cleanser.
NZD38.50Soothing Scalp Treatment | 250 ml
A Botanical Healing Spray for Dry, irritated Scalp Conditions.
NZD48.50Renaissance Remedial Hair-Growth Treatment 100 ml
A Healing Botanical Hair and Scalp Formula Enriched with Soothing Botanicals.
NZD19.00SPECIAL PRICE! Hypersaline Sea Mist | 250 ml, WAS $29.90, NOW $19!
A Natural Hair Volumiser and Texturiser Spray with Kaffir Lime, Cedarwood and Dead Sea Salt.
NZD19.90SPECIAL PRICE! Micha Collection | Luxurious Hair Cleanser | 250 ml, WAS $28.50, NOW $19.90!
A Luxurious Botanical Hair Cleanser with Bergamot, Rose Geranium and Vanilla.
NZD28.50Micha Collection | Luxurious Hair Conditioner | 250 ml
A Luxurious Botanical Hair Care Conditioner with Bergamot, Rose Geranium and Vanilla.
NZD21.50Earth-Friendly Paddle Hair Brush (Wide)
A Beautifully Natural and Sustainable Peach Wood Paddle Brush.
NZD16.50Earth-Friendly Peach Wood Comb
A Beautiful Handcrafted Wooden Hair Comb.
NZD8.50Peach Wood Beard Comb
An Earth-Friendly Beard Comb for Men.
NZD16.50Earth-Friendly Baby Brush and Comb Set
Set of Two, Wooden Baby Hair Care Essentials.


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Agend Organics | Or Natural Home and Body Products are Naturally-Derived, Organic, Botanical, Vegan, Earth-Friendly and Chemical-Free. We NEVER Test our Products on Animals.